6 comments on “Rainer & Mieka ‘s Wedding

  1. The ceremony was actually very cute.. theirs was San D’Orian style, so was really kind of formal. I’ve seen online where someone was talking about a wedding in Windy that was kind of more casual, and involved food.. lol. They had vows that they had to retype in after the wedding master. And the Wedding Master was a real person somewhere that works for SE, not just an NPC.
    It was fun, and cool ^^

  2. I’m *supposed* to be marrying Meph but now I’m not so sure!

    He proposed to me but I have yet to see a ring!

    Moma-taru always told me to be careful of men like him, damnitaru!

  3. LOL.. πŸ™‚ The hardest part is getting a date.. you actually don’t get to pick the date, its a lottery process. It can take a while.
    Well good luck, Definately listen to the sage advice of Moma-taru!
    Make sure he’s the right taru for you ^^

  4. Maybe because he’s not a taru!

    Moma-taru always told me Elvaan were flighty!. ; ; He’s a red-headed, stubborn, jerk-faced Elvaan!

    And I hate him!

    ^^ But he gives Tari free shihei, so I guess I still have a soft spot for him. ; ; Do you know he offered me a cheap copper ring?

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