One comment on “new static

  1. ^^ Good luck on your static–ing?

    😡 I just coined that one. Mwahaha.

    I’m not a big BLM myself [only 31 and on hold…rowr] but as far as timing goes, I think I do something “abnormal”

    Most people will say to go after you’ve seen the second weaponskill animation…but the shiny lights and the “AHHH-death!” bright flashes were too much for me.

    So I tend to watch the actual log. When I see “second DD readies blahdie blah blah” , I start my cast…and have only missed one burst since leveling blm from 1-31 with this technique..solely due to lag.

    ^^ The “watching the log thing” is easier to me because having a bit of a WHM background, that’s all I’d watch–along with the status bars of my fellow pt members.

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