One comment on “Blue Mage / slight rant

  1. You can speed-level a job to 75 in that time if the following conditions are present:

    A. Player has no scruples. This is tantamount for most other conditions.

    B. Player buys gil.

    C. If not B, then Player wears terrible equipment.

    D. If not B or C, player uses gil accumulated via job(s) already at 75 and several crafts in the 90’s.

    E. Player neglects real life. And I don’t mean responsibilities and such. I mean…life.

    F. Player has friends to play the character in shifts.

    G. Player has friends to powerlevel the character.

    H. Player really doesn’t care about the job in question, at least until merits are applied and few job-specific RA/EX items are acquired.

    In other words, to any normal person playing their first character to 75, the statement is a self-aggrandizing deception.

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