One comment on “Busy week / Garuda / Choco Egg / Gardening

  1. Personally i’m not rushing into chocobo raising; instead i’m adopting a “wait and see” approach, in the hopes that someone would have figured out which eggs will get what chocobo, by the time i’m done with my army recall (between 4th -15th Sep) hehehe.

    Aside from purchasing from Jeuno, i believe its the ISNMs (Imperial Seal NM) that would get you the eggs. I’ve not bothered to participate in one yet, as i’ve spent all my points on upgrading to 60 moglocker slots..

    .. and i’ve been busy with real-life stuff to chuck my time lifelessly into merit parties in the new ToAU areas 😛

    Its a nice blog you have here, and like yourself i was inspired to start a blog (about 1 yr+ ago) when i came upon another blog (Uchipu, in my case) ^^

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