3 comments on “Garlaige

  1. That sounds like a fun night, even with the wipe. Good job on the MB! The timing must be pretty tricky on those… is it 1 second after the skillchain is logged or something? It always sounds a bit difficult when I hear others talk about it.

  2. (hmm first comment didn’t seem to like my smiley face!)

    I swear, Garlaige Citadel is the worst camp location for the entire 1-75 stretch. I hate it too, I always try to have parties at Altep instead.

    MBs are really great fun, I adore Fragmentation… its my favourite SC animation! and BTW! You can have multiple people MB the same SC, there’s no limit 8) Ninja can also MB with their elemental tools, MB with Summoner Avatars, and even MB with spells like silence and paralyze

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