5 comments on “56 WHM! yay

  1. Congratulations on the levelup. It’s good the hear you had fun in the new zone. I loved those toucans once I got used to their TP moves ^^.

    Good luck on the Raise II fund. Unless you have some 75 friends who want to gang up on some level 72-74 mobs, I wouldn’t recommend farming the scroll (Yagudo High Priest…shudder).

    And I share your fear of Banishing Gate 2. -_-;

  2. wow! I can’t believe Raise 2 is 200k. So expensive 😦 Although I do remember at the height of inflation and before ENMs, Raise 3 cost about 1 million 😮 Thankfully today, its only about 2k hehe

    Good luck on the AF quests! Let me know if you need help, just try to book me a little in advance hehe.

  3. Congratulations on hitting 56. Yeah, I would try and get R2 as soon as possible (raises and reraises are our cup o’ tea as it were). It seems so much easier on WHMs now to level in the 50s on those pink flamingo things (a lot less status ailment removals*shudder* @ Onzozo and Cape Terrigan/Valley of Sorrows). And yes, it’s a PAIN to get people to open up banishing gates ^^.

    Good luck on the march ever upwards. And hope your static works itself out, so much easier to party with people you know, isn’t it?

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