2 comments on “AF stuff

  1. I share your opinion about the amounts of time, teamwork, and risk this game requires for various accomplishments. It would be nice to have more solo options for some of these milestones…There’s nothing worse than exploring a zone for an AF coffer and realizing you need a team of people to throw switches and/or divert aggro. I think it was a mistake to put AF coffers in GC and the Necropolis for precisely that reason.

    It’s not like they don’t have the capability to create some challenging solo quests. Limit Break 3 is a good example of this.

    They just seem to want to push teamwork as one of the unique aspects of the game that distinguish it from other MMORPG. Fine and dandy; but I still wish they’d provide alternatives.

  2. It would make sense that they could, as they already have for such things as the level 20 solo avatar battles.. not everyone can get together a group of 65+ people, especially if they aren’t that level yet. And to me I think for things like gear for your certain job, should be a right of passage type thing, and would be more respected if you had to be decent at your job to get it, or at least have the courage to do it yourself, but that is not even an option a majority of the time.

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