2 comments on “Statics / more AF

  1. Aww Kat, seems like the EXP is going slow, but the best thing about it is that you’re with friends! And that makes it sooooo much more enjoyable.

    I’m almost up to your BLM level with BST! Muhahaha maybe we can team up.. yes BST can PT! We’re actually not half bad as damage dealers, and NO we do not cut EXP 😀

  2. Hey that sounds fun ^^

    the road to 75 has always gone slow for me.. lol.. but its ok, its about the journey not the destination. 🙂 I’d rather follow the path with friends and enjoy myself on the way, then to get there all too quickly and not have the great memories to show for it. ^^

    I just figure by the time I get there, I should be a well rounded player 🙂

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