5 comments on “Short Report

  1. I would love to EXP with friends. I haven’t done that in ages, since my jobs are a bit polarized in levels.

    Good luck and advance congratulations on reaching 60!

    I’m sure you’ll be fine on GK3 ^_^

  2. Ahhh! Nice to hear you’re going steady with the leveling 🙂

    Perhaps your GK will motivate me to come online 😮 Which one is it again? Its been so long I get them all mixed up 😡

  3. Its the long one .. with the crests that you have to get from the beastman strongholds… lol.. I’m kinda scared.. hehe That would be great to see ya! We are planning to do it this Saturday

  4. GK3 isn’t too bad. At least you can do it solo. Although for that Yagudo Crest, I’d suggest bringing along a friend to light torches for you.

    Statics are great, but sometimes I wonder if it doesn’t inhibit us somewhat. Usually you have people that you can count on, that you know may not be the best, but will definitely not be the most horrible players. And you get to know how each other thinks and your play style kind of evolves. The question then becomes, will you be prepared for other experiences and other playstyles. But, meh, enough of the downtrod stuff.

    Whoohoo! Level 60. Just 15 more levels until that spell, RR3 which makes us WHMs fearless and can laugh in the face of death. Well, laugh a lot more than other jobs…hehehe. Provided we die in a raiseable area. *grin*

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