2 comments on “Olduum/Cooking / Corsiar

  1. Good going on the crafting! It ‘s always nice to HQ something isn’t it? The funny thing is I used to buy extra ingredients in case I failed, but I have never failed on a guild test item yet.

    Sounds like you’re having fun with a group of friends. Statics are nice, definitely. The drawback to statics that I see, however, is that you will only party with those jobs. And the people behind those jobs will have their own playstyles. Later when you use that job for other things and not necessarily with the same people, you might have trouble adjusting. The first time I partied with a PLD on my BRD (outside of a static that had a NIN tank) I had a hard time landing ballad on them. I just wasn’t used to gauging the distances at that fine of a point (yes a NIN tank made me a lazy bard ^^).

  2. Oooo Congrats on the HQ Salmon Sub hehehe 🙂 Its always fun to get HQs when ya least expect em.

    And are ya leveling up COR now? hehe fun ^^ I wanna be a pirate too!!

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