3 comments on “3 day weekend

  1. It can be discouraging to deal with loudmouths like that, who’ve played a couple of jobs and assume they know everything about … well, everything. That person must not have played enough though, because they clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Any “multi-75” would have probably told him to STFU. Pardon my french.

    I, for one, have found WHM quite complex to play and anticipate it getting even more interesting when dealing with status effect removal, buffs, etc. In my opinion, it requires much more close attention to the dynamics of the party and the mobs… almost constantly. I actually find WHM exhausting to play.

    On the NIN thing, when you have Utsu:Ichi, I actually recommend launching your next set of shadows right after your second shadow drops. When those additional 3 go, a few things need to happen. The mages need to start stunning/slowing the mob and/or hasting you. Your focus lies in launching the Utsusemi right as the mob hits you, since this should give you enough time between swings to get the shadows back up.

    But at the lower levels, it really helps to have a shadow partner since mages aren’t usually ready to accomodate a NIN tank, or don’t even have the spells yet. My own biased recommendation is a WAR/NIN or WAR/MNK partner to provoke and take a few hits while you get your shadows back on.

    Solo taking MNK mobs will just suck, unfortunately. I despised the jungles as a NIN for this reason.

  2. Thank you for the reinforcement ^^ I agree, I feel like there is so much more to whm, but everyone just thinks you are only a cure bot. 😦 can make you feel very underappreciated.
    I think it really is a matter of how much effort you want to put into the job.. always. No job is “easy” if it is played to its ultimate potential.

  3. If they play WHM as only a cure bot they are definitely not playing it to its full potential (of course I say this as a WHM main). As Frohike mentioned status removals are important and can mean the life and death of a tank. You have to notice when things are happening and act quickly to keep the party alive. Now if you have really good players, WHM is not as stresful (nor is any job when there are really good players and good teamwork). But when the crap hits the fan, it’s usually blamed on the WHM because they didn’t cure. Mindless cure bots is what is wrong with a lot of WHMs nowadays. They forget that they have enfeebling skills (yes we can enfeeble too), divine skills (Flash is a godsend) and a lot of nifty tricks.

    I could be as ignorant as them and say MNK is such an easy job because all you have to do is go on auto-attack, occasionally use your job abilities and WS sometimes when you have TP. It’s not like most parties do SCs anymore anyways. But that would be wrong now wouldn’t it? I think? Maybe? Hehehe. (seriously though, good DDs pay attention to their hate level, know when to assist the tank, know when to hold back and when to go all out. And the really good ones are always at their comptuer and can run to the mob when the mob starts running towards the mages, isntead of standing still for 30 seconds so it’s obvious that you’re not paying attention at all).

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