One comment on “pld AF / short static / crafting

  1. Isn’t THF fun? Good job with the crafting progress; I know it can feel like watching paint dry sometimes, but there’s definitely an addictive allure to seeing those little skillup messages! ^_^

    On the seriousness thing, I think people fear a few things a bit too much in this game:

    -“Wasting” time
    -Looking foolish

    To those who freak out when they die, please understand that it’s a time-out box in a game… Do your little /fume emote, and move on. EXP mobs aren’t going to go extinct anytime soon.

    To those who fear wasting time, um… That’s most of the point of this game. As long as you’re enjoying it, what does it matter?

    On looking foolish: people devote waaaay too much energy, angst, and effort at overcompensation for this fear. Again, it’s a game, and an enormous one at that. People are bound to be goofy goobers every once in awhile.

    Anyway, sorry for the personal vent. I just wish people would log in to enjoy themselves… it makes everything in the game more balanced and certainly less dramatic.

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