3 comments on “Small Goals / Crafting

  1. Excellent progress!

    Some advice for the Mercury you’re about to craft. You might want to try the shop in Bibiki Bay for your Cobalt Jellyfish. The price ranges from 24-32 gil per jelly. I’d recommend getting there at 1AM Vanadiel time (except on Lightningdays, shop closed), and buying up as many as you can. Supply is limited to around 10 stacks per day, or less if people bought out the inventory on the prior day.

    It’s a much faster way to get the ingredient, and you make up for the expense by either selling the Mercury, or waiting to use it for Poison Pots, which give a bit more profit.

  2. I have actually never been to Bibiki Bay so that sounds like fun! (least that I remember)
    Thanks for the tip, I will most likely do that ^^ plus would save me in
    terms of the fishing fatigue (in-game & real life.. hehe) I’d get from
    fishing them all.. lol
    thanks so much !!

  3. Alright! Katella has the crafting bug!

    Actually, I’d like to point out another source if you have access to Al Zhabi. There is the fishing guild there that sells Dezanassi which are used in the same recipie and same quantity as the cobalt jellyfish. If ind hta tmost people don’t buy from there so it’s usually cheap and very plentiful. I honestly skipped the poison dust, mercury, poison potion phase of Alchemy. Instead I did echo drops for 10 levels. I was farming bees for the honey (and the incidental chips which I could sell) and those echo drops sold pretty darn fast for a nice price.

    For the upcoming stretch at 20. I’d suggest leveling Sai-rui Ran (it’s a NIN tool). It’s cap is level 28 and you need a level 11 cooking sub (which I think you have). Most of the ingreadients can be NPC bought and darned if I didn’t make a small profit while skilling up!

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