2 comments on “more crafting & Static (yay!)

  1. Stray Mary is an evil temptress! Took me forever to get her drop. On the other hand…while you’re camping her you can kill sheep for sheepkin to make sheep leather, bees for honey and chips, and the saplings for grain seeds to grow Tarutaru rice ^^

    Sounds like your static is moving along quite nicely! Congratulations. Good luck with your crafting!

  2. Congratulations on the crafting and the resumed static!

    For the honey, I farmed Giddeus. There are tons of bee pops and it’s easy pickins unless more than a couple of people out there farming beehive chips. I recommend doing a loop through the southern spawns; by the time you get back where you started, you have about 1-2 minutes before repops.

    Oh, and bring /THF if you can. You can steal extra honey pots ^_^.

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