2 comments on “Mea… Oh My…

  1. The horror of the promies! Argh! Actually to be honest, probably the eaisest way to get through CoP is with a static of people you can count on. Set regular times and farm together for the items needed (or at least suggested) to help you defeat bosses. CoP just becomes more challenging with the level cap and time commitments. Pick up parties can work for the promies and possibly for other missions, but you’ll want to be able to count on the people during the later, longer missions (and let’s face it a lot of pick up parties can have some shady people).

    Now here’s the question…did your WHM survive to make it to Selbina?

  2. LOL.. ya the whm actually did make it to Selbina. It wasn’t that far of a run really, we were camped beside the boat at the beach… Kauri & Kinkykitty both were provoking the skelly the whole way.. lol It was funny.

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