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  1. For crafting suggestions:

    A 6-8 level gap isn’t too big if you are paying for advanced support. That gives you +3 more cooking skill so at 42+3 you’d be an effective level 45 cook which is in the nice skill up range for apple pie with lizard eggs (level 48). If you’re not paying for advanced support I would suggest you do so until your real cooking skill is within about 4-5 skill levels. If you don’t want to make pies you could always make Fish Broth (level 45 with Gugru Tuna, pretty easy to fish up on the ferry from Selbina-Mhaura route if you have about 20ish skill, otherwise tends to be about 4-6K a fish on AH on Garuda). Personally I did apple pies the first round through (on Verrick) and then did Orange Au Lait to 51; and then did Fish Broth (45) and Grape Juice (50) on Wist. If you make grape juice save all of it to make Muslum (caps at 56) and then Yags to 60. Fish broth sells on AH usually (maybe a small loss) as BST like the crab jug pet.

    For Alchemy I would highly suggest NOT to do the silent oil route. You’ll lose a lot of gil unless you can HQ the recipe. I guess if you’re farming all your oils (Try Korrokola Tunnel where all the giants are, you have slimes there a lot) that will cut down on loss (and farming your own beehive chips)and you might turn a profit, but that’d be a lot of time farming. Since you have cooking skill already I’d suggest Sarui-Ran (alchemy level 28 and Cooking level 11). Skill ups are nice. There results can be toolbagged (saves a lot on space) and sells pretty decently to NINs since it is one of their prime enfeebles, Blind. All the ingredients are NPC buyable except for bast parchment (which is a lot cheaper nowadays since you can buy Elm logs for a not bad price). If you have a WW friend who can make your Bast Parchment from logs (WW 45, alchemy sub 29) that’s even nicer (I leveled WW up on Verrick first so I could make the parchment myself). I actually turned a nice profit on the sarui-ran.

    Anyways, just some suggestions. Good luck!

    And congratulations on WHM!

  2. Actually Silent Oil isn’t bad if you farm up your ingredients. Korroloka tunnel is your best bet for Slime Oil, and of course Giddeus for your beehive chips. In Korroloka, be sure to check the tunnel at K-10 on the second map (marked exit C on the ffxi-atlas map). There are 5 spawns along that tunnel. The slime oil & beeswax recipe is good to 24. Sai-Rui Ran is also a very good synth to carry you into 28 or so. The other silent oil recipe can carry you to 29 but it’s more of a loss than the one you use to get to 24 since the product is only x2. I did however use it since I didn’t have my cooking sub at the time:

    25-29: Silent Oil x2
    Water Crystal, Olive Oil, 2xBeeswax
    – Beeswax from AH or from farmed chips
    – Olive Oil from Aveline in South Sandoria 16g
    – Sell results on AH at a loss

    For the cooking, I used Pickled Herring to get me to 44 and stopped. Haven’t leveled it since.

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