One comment on “Blindrage & Crafting

  1. I never really got into melee characters, but I’m thinking I want to give SAM a try. Of course that would necessitate me leveling WAR *shudder*. I like how you can level in basically anything for the first 10 levels. Gotta love the “town gear” hehehe. Some days I feel like leveling one of my mules, but … then … reality hits. I had a dream once that I’d get a mule in each city to get up to level 42 WHM (with BLM level) so I could teleport people around from the LS. Gave up that dream a long time ago.

    Good luck with the crafting. If you want a “profitable” farmed item I would suggest doing sheep leather. Sheepskin is farmable in the highlands along with beehivechips/honey and seeds and is only a level 2 capped recipe (dark crystal + windurst tea leaves + distilled water + sheepskin). Stacks usually selll for a nice amount of gil.

    As for alchemy this was my personal path:

    20-28 Sairui ran
    28-30 Eye drops (Ahriman tears are much cheaper now)
    30-40 Potions (with advanced support, super cheap ingredients, NPC sell back for minor losses)
    40-43 Vitriol (super cheap ingredients, water crystal + treant bulb x2)
    43-45 Acid Bolt heads (use the vitriol, need smithing sub of about 10, will skill up alchemy to 45 and smithing to 14)
    45-51 Holy Water (Light crystals are the expensive part, alternative would be ether for loss)
    51-53 Holy Bolt Heads
    53-56 Sleeping Potion (farm the mushrooms in Passhow, easiest for me)
    56-60 Hi-potions (can farm the vines, but not as profitable as it once was / Alternative is to do Venom Dust with lightning crystal + 2 scorpion claws or if you have fishing use Orgre Eel x2 or Monke-Onke)
    60-67 Sleep Bolt Heads (If you kept your potions)
    61-68 Venom Potions (depending if you made venom dust)

    Hope this helps.

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