2 comments on “Pup it is…

  1. Cooking 48! Congrats =] After 50 skill ups really slow down, so be prepared to do some extra time in the kitchen in order to reach 60 and above.

    Puppetmaster :O It looks like so much fun, hope ya enjoy it! And dont worry too much, you’ll just learn as you go along.

  2. Good luck with your cooking, let us know how it turns out. Actually cooking has been extremely good to me and I tend to get pretty nice skill ups. It slowed down a bit at 60 but nothing compared to the other crafts for some reason. Don’t know why.

    Continue to tell us about the adventures of the Puppetmaster. From the few times I’ve partied with a puppetmaster I’ve found them very versatile as long as you let them know what role you want them to fulfill in the party ^^

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