2 comments on “A weekend of wonderous sights

  1. If you play on a PC you can download the FRAPS program at: http://www.fraps.com/ This program will allow you to take screenshots as well as capture video.

    I’m curious what your SMN/WHM was doing in that party. I would have said that the SMN would have been main heal since they have a much larger pool than a BRD/WHM or a PUP/WHM. I know SMNs don’t really enjoy being pigeon holed into the main healing role, but out of all of you they were probably the best equipped. Esp since a PLD can survive much better than a NIN. Granted once you have access to Cure II at level 22 life becomes easier as a SMN main heal.

  2. Aww Kat, come show me your Serenade! It looks so cute =]

    The Teleport Vahzl chest can be a pain to get, since it also drops a Life Belt and people sell those on the AH. But don’t give up! You can do it!

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