3 comments on “Third Time’s a Charm….. Light of Mea

  1. Wow, sounds like you were busy! Congratulations on all your levels and staticing! The new changes to Signet are nice I think especially for the lower levels. Now the DDs can rest while the mages rest and not worry about their TP loss (it used to annoy me that I’d rest for MP, then get up and cure them, and have to rest again).

    As for the whole exp and CoP thing. Exp loss is only in the BCNMs and there are some challening treks to places in CoP so it doesn’t wholly take out the losing exp detriment (I think). I think it was a way to try and lure people back to helping on the missions, but I think it’s silly that people fret over their exp so much. What makes it hard for me to join the … oh let’s do a CoP mission … is the level capped gear that I have to hunt down on my mules (and it can take me an hour to sort through everything) and the items that you need to farm before hand. If we could NPC +1 armor, earrings/rings/capes/belts, weapons, etc. life would be much easier (and I wouldn’t need tons of mules).

    Good luck on the rest of CoP. Enjoy the CSs. I’ve found them to be some of the best in the game, although ToAU is proving to be kind of ineteresting too. But the challenge of CoP isn’t there with ToAU so I defeinitely felt more accomplished finishing CoP than the silly battles of ToAU.

  2. Congratulations on the Promy-Mea, Katella!

    I really wish I could static with some folks in my LS. I’m getting tired of Warrior and need to level something else for a change.

    And I agree about the removal of EXP loss. Very good move on SE’s part.

    What people forget when they say “it’s just EXP” is that they’re stating this from their own experience as a player with:

    A. more than a couple of hours per night to play
    B. jobs that don’t require 3 hours of seeking to party.

    For people who don’t fit this category, EXP is rather precious, and shouldn’t be lost while trying to accomplish something that has nothing to do with EXP whatsoever. /endrant

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