4 comments on “Powerleveling Epidemic >

  1. I feel for you -_-;

    I’ve had fewer parties fail as ‘vanilla’ parties than poweleveled ones, for all the reasons you mentioned.

    And even the failures in non-PL’d parties are more educational, in the end, than the meaningless deathtraps that some PL parties become. Tank didn’t voke, dead mage, dead party, tank learns to voke. Nuker overdoes it, dead nuker, nuker learns to pace him/herself. Healer Curagas during battle, dies, never does it again.

    Poweleveled gimp dies, gets raised, shrugs and asks for people to pull better mobs.

    Anyhow, congratulations on THF 21. Flee will be a blast, and useful throughout your traveling/farming career.

  2. Oh you’re going to have a blast with Bludgeon 🙂
    Yeah powerlevelers are a hassle when people dont learn their functions very well. Its all just a grind in the end for them.

  3. I’m new to FFXI, my friend invited me about 6 mos ago. but now he’s getting married and abandoned FFXI ( I’m sure I don’t have to go into details here). My point is, he also left me his Char on FFXI to use as a PL. So, now I find myself in a dilema: to PL myself in every pty I join and run the risk of missing out on my basics, or only to use the PL only to help me with my missions. Obviously, I’m controling both. One with my Laptop and one with my Desktop, but so far whenever I did use the PL with ptys only a couple of ppl so far asked me if I was controlling both. Most ppl thought they had a dedicated person playing PL and helping us.
    What do you suggest?

  4. yeah, more an more i’m noticing people always want a PL’er. then they don’t learn how to do anything, they just want it handed to them.

    now when i get invites to a party, i ask if they have a PL’er. if they do i turn down their offer.

    later days

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