2 comments on “Quick Update

  1. Have fun in RL too ^^

    Congratulations on WHM. You’re almost near the end. Well a couple hundred thousand xp ^^

    I haven’t leveled a low level job in the dunes in ages. I’m guessing with the changes to signet that smaller groups may be just as viable. And people have horrid memories of the dunes and may just want to get the heck out of there quicker.

  2. It’s the change in weather imao. Yes, the gobs are a pain now, but there are just fewer ppl at home during daylight. I stayed home most of the winter, slowly building my char all around (skill, quests, missions, crafts) but now: park, beach, bbq, clubs, bikes, etc…so much to do, so little time… I’m only playing at night for a couple of hours most of the time now.


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