One comment on “Blue Mage Madness

  1. Good luck with BLU and the farming of spells *gnashes teeth*. Actually from what I understand BLU does really well in the promies. And actually I think BLU does really well throughout CoP as long as they can set appropriate spells (so a little bit of research seems to help beforehand). That Noble’s Tunic that you’re working toward is going to be so worth it, trust me. If you decide to do sky events in the near future, you might hold off and see if the LS you’re in gives you a shining cloth or has one turned into a noble’s for you.

    As for farming off xp mobs. That does suck. Unfortunately I think SE takes the viewpoint that any mob is fair game as long as it’s unclaimed. If the PLD was out to intentionally stop them from gaining xp (e.g. had no legitimate reason for being there) I think that’s considered griefing. It behooves us as players, however, to have some common sense though and try and be courteous to other players.

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