2 comments on “Besieged again.. & Alchemy

  1. I’m kind of in the same mode you are at the moment. Doing Besieged when the opportunity presents itself, and crafting while I scan the log for teleport shouts.

    I *definitely* need to collect more IP for the final locker expansion and to compensate for my many trips to Jeuno/Sandy.

    Glad to see you making progress on Alchemy! I’ve put the brakes on it for a bit, while I decide what exactly I want to take past 60.

    Currently leveling Blacksmithing for no real reason other than to bring as many crafts as possible to 60. Nice to have options, you know? It certainly takes patience, though -_-

  2. Crafting can be a pain.

    If it’s not the cost of leveling, it’s what on earth makes you money once you have leveled it. In 60 levels of woodworking, getting them, I made 100k profit.

    But theres nothing I can really use WW for that will get me a nice profit these days, without spending HOURS on it for like… 20k profit.

    Not fun :\

    Of course, I could level it higher, but then, we have the problem of that actually costing money… you can’t farm darksteel bolt heads, after all! >.<

    Anyway, alchemy strikes me as a much better craft for money than WW, so good luck with that 🙂

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