5 comments on “Level 20 Cleric ^^

      • Do you still play it?

        I noticed this post was entirely two years ago.

        x x

        Do you know any other interesting games that you like?

        Or might know of?

    • I haven’t played in a few years now. It up and stopped working for me after a patch that they did at some point, and I never could fix it so gave up and haven’t messed with it since. If you are looking for a free play MMO, I’d suggest Runes of Magic, as its my current favorite under that category. Haven’t played it in a bit either, but still It’s definitely of better quality than many. You can find info on it at: http://us.runesofmagic.com/us/index.html

      • Alright, I seen. Runes of Magic is quite interesting, thank you for the suggestion Katella.

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