6 comments on ““Shaiya” Experience

  1. Hello, my in-game name is UMTank

    I am quite eager to meet and party with you, and to help your gaming experience. INT is a stat for mages, which increases magical attack power. WIS is also sometimes considered a mage stat, which increases magical attack accuracy. I suggest that by the time you reach level 50 you have approximately 60 WIS 🙂

    One last thing,
    My guild is MajestiC and we are Rank 9 or 10, we are battling for that spot every week in GRB (Guild Ranking Battle)

    If there is anything you need, feel free to shout in trade: $ UMTank I need help!!

    I’m online around 10 hours a day, it used to be more, but my time is filled up quite a lot lately. I’m from GMT+0 time zone (Great Britain) so maybe this info will help you.

    Respectfully, as always;

  2. Oh my gosh, i love shayia! its my favorite pass time and i’ve been working to get to lvl 40 to get an HM and i finally did! now i have a HM Fighter and than a NM mage, priest, and archer. I’m in the guild Kybuui (<- i think thats how you speel it XD) and they are they most friendliest bunch in a guild Ive ever had.

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