3 comments on “So much fun!

  1. Shaman is a lot of fun – I have a level 32 Draenei Shaman myself.

    It’s particularly wierd seeing Frohike as a Draenei – he’s engraved in my mind as an Elvaan.

    -sigh- I’d come and visit, but I’m obviously on the EU servers!

    Good to hear you’re having fun!

    (Also, for some reason my blog isn’t linking itself… At any rate, you’ll find me at http://masterscall.wordpress.com/ , if you’re interested)

  2. Unfortunately if I wanted to roll a Shaman on Alliance, I was forced to pick Draenei, although there’s a side of me that always regretted not choosing a Galka in FFXI, so this works out fine 😉

    The job appeals to me for its versatility, although in a different capacity than WAR obviously. Sort of a swiss army BRD.

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