2 comments on “WoW misc musings…

  1. Bah, don’t listen to him.

    I always drop some totems on my shaman – not them all, but a couple of them. I always drop the Strength of Earth totem, and Windfury (you’ll get that at 32). If I’m fighting more than 1 enemy, I’ll also put down a Healing Stream and the Searing totem.

    For spending your talent points, I recommend Enhancement for solo levelling. In that case, you aren’t going to want to focus quite as much on casting – just keep your weapon enchanted with Flametongue (Windfury at 30), use Lightning Bolt to pull mobs, and try to use one of your shocks every 6 seconds.

    I can’t recommend blogs enough as a way to learn about your class, the official forums can be a bit unwelcoming at times, so here’s a link to a list of Shaman blogs:


    In particular, here are a couple of posts at Too Many Annas that might help:


    http://toomanyannas.com/blog/ba-shared-topic/be-a-shamanistic-genius-while-you-level/ (Slightly outdated – you want Agility just as much as you want Strength)


    Might be a bit of an information overload – don’t worry! WoW is hugely different from FFXI, and it takes a while to get adjusted to it.

    Good luck, and have fun!

  2. LOL real Shamans don’t use totems? Really?

    Guess I better tell the level 80 Shamans in my raid guild that they’re nubs if they use totems!

    (Seriously, don’t listen to him. He had no freaking idea what he was talking about.)

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