One comment on “Uh oh… this game is growing on me..

  1. Crafting is a joy in WoW compared to FFXI – no breaks, no irritating 0.1 skillups and the like – it just goes so much smoother. It’s still painful to be 1 skill level off where you wanted to be and out of mats, though!

    Alchemy and herbalism is an excellent pairing, but if you’re stuck for what you want to try on your other characters, I recommend taking Skinning and either Mining or Herbalism for a bit of extra cash until you decide to pick up another craft skill.

    I’m glad you found the Shaman blogs helpful! Here’s a couple more links.

    That’s sort of the equivalent to FFXIClopedia, in a way. Lots of information there. The class stuff can be a bit iffy sometimes – I still see references in the Hunter parts to things that have beenr emoved from the game for over a year! But otherwise, it’s really good. I’m a bit of a story geek, and that site also has lots and lots about the story behind the game.

    That’s another good one. It’s not quite as easy to navigate as the Wiki, but if you need help with quests, it’s definately the place to go.

    Another long comment, but I hope you find some of this stuff useful.

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