2 comments on “Katella’s new clothes.. ^^

  1. Isn’t really an issue for lower levels, but a good way to put some order into targeting in groups in WoW is to always set the Tank to your focus when you enter the instance. (Target them and type /focus) Then, you can use /assist Focus, and it’ll automatically target your tanks target – which generally speaking, is the target you want to be attacking.

    Sometimes, tanks will use raid markers, as well – Skull for first kill, cross for second, and so on, to aid targeting. The multi target pulling is really odd at first – took me a while to get used to it too.

    Enhancement is a DPS spec, but it really doesn’t come into it’s own till 41. As long as you put points soley in Enhancement, by that level you have Dual Wield and Storm Strike – that’s when the fun begins. Don’t worry about being bottom of the DPS, especially since you’re just learning.

    I’ve been on a leveling spree on my Enhancement Shaman now (74), so if you’ve got any questions, feel free to ask ’em.

  2. yeah, unfortunately reading your post there made me realize that i do the same thing. Unless i know that the person in my group is new, (ie they tell me) I will think bad things of them and bad talk them in /g. that is not a good habit, but i didnt even think that i did it until i was reading someone elses post concerning it. so, on behalf of all of them, I do apologize.

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