2 comments on “I miss you !

  1. But those days are over, and I’m just feeling nostalgic..
    but I realize it won’t and can’t be the same…

    How those words ring so true with the shards of my heart

    Anyways.. If anyone ever checks this.. just wanted you all to know that you still mean alot to me..

    You sound so lonely Its a sad and depressing feeling to be alone is it not

    I wish you well and thank you for not listing him over me as so many have done… used and cast aside like nothing more then a pawn by so many its nice to see that it may not have been so with you

  2. NA, I’m pretty sure now that I think I know who you are but I’d really like to make sure (since you post anonymously 😛 ) If you could send me an e-mail, I’d really like to talk to you. I was a little confused by:

    “thank you for not listing him over me as so many have done…”

    Am a little confused who you meant on the “listing him over me” part.

    I hope you know that I may say your “game-name” in the blog, but its the people I miss talking to and spending time with, not the pixels.. All of you listed, and even a few I didn’t list, still hold dear places in my heart, maybe that sounds silly, but its true.

    I’m ok, just get nostalgic, and miss my friends.. 🙂

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