3 comments on “A tribute to a dear friend

  1. So sad. ;_; I think it’s awesome that he has friends like you who dedicated an awesome post like this to him.
    Rest in Peace little Squeekers.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that Katella I hope all is well for you and That your holding up with the news ok. Not Much has changed in my life If you still remember Somedays I think may things will get better then they blow up in my face and its back to nothing But less about that and more about You, ever coming back?

    • Hey there, The optimist in me likes to think that at some point things will be stable enough again to have the time and ability to really play. I like to believe it will happen at some point, but realistically I don’t know. Its been kind of hectic in my real life. I also entertain ideas of being able to try out 14 when it comes out, but again… we’ll see when that happens how things are going.

      I’m doing OK, Squeekers was a big part of my FFXI experience. I’m so sad that he is gone, I’m sure you can kind of understand. its puts into perspective that you can’t hang onto the past.. It will never ever be the same as it was, and I just need to cherish the good memories, and move on from the bad. Some things cannot be changed no how bad we wish they weren’t true or didn’t happen. At times there are no fixes to our situations. It is important to be able to bring ourselves to the point where we can be ok with that.. All you can do is lift your chin and move forward to whatever the next adventure is that awaits.

      I pray that we both get to the point quickly were we can move on from the heaviness laying on our respective hearts.

      This to shall pass friend… 🙂

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