2 comments on “Line Crossed / Dungeon Updates

  1. Thanks to u I picked up this gem of a game. I just beat ifrit and got blm job. Awsome game that I would I NEVER even gave a 2nd thought…. lesson learned! Lol. Btw, how long has this game been out? I got it for $20 at toys r us

    • The Chocobo’s Dungeon game I think has been out in NA since sometime in 2008, but I had only recently came across it because my husband likes to watch “Let’s Play” videos on youtube.com. He was looking up a series on Megaman, and found a “Let’s Play” for Chocobo’s Dungeon in passing, so we watched it and thought it was very cute, so he bought it for me right before Valentines day.. lol. It is a pretty sweet little game. I’m glad you are enjoying it! I am too!

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