9 comments on “Chapter 9 Barthandelus boss fight hints

  1. THANK you so much! That book made be die 10 times trying that mehod 😦
    This is much better

    • Glad you were able to get some use out of it! I know I had been so frustrated until I figured out that the more damage you do to him during that power up stage, the less he hurt me with his ability. You’ll fight him a few more times, and I used basically the close to the same thought process as shown here for this fight, and had little trouble. Good Luck!

  2. Thanks SOOOOOO much. I tried all nite to beat him…ARG…til I used some of ur advice 🙂 Sahz is the key to buff up and he hastes the party.I used Lightening,Sahz, and Vanille. The best PAR. were what u listed: COM/SYN/SAB; then i mixed it up to RAV/RAV/RAV and MED/RAV/MED having the double med healed them quick after he slammed them and with the others i was able to wipe him out really quick by building up his guage. By the third STAGGER, I took him out!!!! Cant thank u enough!!!! Really didnt need Odin 🙂 or any potions and just make sure I gave party accessories to buff up their HP too. He never had a chance to cast DOOM!!!!YAY now i can move on….

  3. I wanna thank you sooooo much! If it wasn’r for you and your guide, I would have never beaten this SoB! Thanks!! 😀

  4. I haven’t used this yet but i’m hoping it will help alot. I have died soo many times fighting this dude. It’s soo very frustrating. Thanks for the tips…i hope i can kick his as now!! 😀

  5. I gave up on ever getting past Barthandelus months ago, but I tried again after seeing this and it worked on the first try. As of right now, you are my favorite person.

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