One comment on “Final 4

  1. Stumbled across this blog by pure chance. I’ve left FFXI for over a year now (and deleted my character to make sure I never returned!), and I must agree with you how the community was a good one, for the most part.

    I’ve done what you’ve tried to do: came back, did the solo thing and hit 75 with BST, and got tired of the game again.

    Also read a post of yours regarding ambitions. It’s great that you realise the need for scaling in accordance with the amount of time you have for the game. I’m guessing that’s why you’re capable of leaving the game on a happy/peaceful note. I was frustrated by my lack of time to be able to commit to endgame, which in hindsight was probably the contributing factor towards me leaving. Back in those days I would have ripped off my ears to get a shot at those 5% haste pants.

    But enough rambling. The original purpose of this post was to say that I am enjoying the happy and well written posts (from what little I’ve been able to read thus far). Very refreshing.

    I’ll see you in FFXIV!

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