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  1. It would seem you’ve left again =(? Last I talked to you we were gona do your Bard Hands then your sister called and I never saw you again =( I wish you well

    • Hey 🙂
      Real life unfortunately often changes my game plan… literally. But its ok. We all have to deal with the punches. Shortly after that day, my MS started to act up and actually took its toll on my left eye, impairing my vision. It was really hard to focus on anything, especially a computer screen. Ended up wearing a eye patch for a week, and now vision in my left eye is just now starting to clear up a tiny bit. Still super blurry and colors in my left eye are wrong, but the right eye is fine. I still can’t drive because of it, but I can now work on the computer for a little while before it starts becoming too much. Since my real life work involves being in front of a computer all day, it took priority obviously.

      I think I’m done though with FFXI. I am thankful for all the friendships I’ve made there including yours, but in honesty I can’t seem to balance the time it takes to reach goals there with my mandatory health limits now. I am never going to have the time I once did to spend on getting even one job to 80 or even 99, and the thought overwhelms me rather than excites me. So now is probably the best time to go. Took me 4+ years to reach sort of equal terms as most of my friends, least level-wise, and then its all changed again.. lol. I don’t want to have to forever be the gimp or low level, and I don’t have the time to do anything about it (and stay well anyway). Hoping that 14 will be a better fit for me. Short spurts of playtime sounds like it will fill the hole.

      Thank you for all your help during this last attempt of us trying to make it work. We had lots of fun, and we appreciated your willingness to help with things. My husband thanks you too.. 🙂 Wish you the best as well.. 🙂

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