2 comments on “Depends what you are looking for…

  1. I wish I felt the same way! I feel majorly let down by FFXIV. I played XIV since the Alpha and we reported all the games problems in back then. Seeing how SE ignored all our feedback for month was my last straw 😛 It doesn’t make sense that they only now promise patches when they’ve known about all the issues for ages.

    In my opinion the game is sham freedom. Simple stuff like surplus means we can’t level what we want, when we want – which was a feature in XI. When I do things in XIV, I just think; ‘If I had all these friends playing XI again, I’d be having more fun then I am now…’

    I hope you keep your optimism though! A few members of my LS have managed too, so there’s hope! As you’ve suggested to people in your post, most of my LS are trying it again at PS3 release – including me 🙂

    Have fun!

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