5 comments on “Sweet 16! (FFXIV – Conjurer)

  1. Indeed, our little duo project was real fun! XD And I guess the bad crabby thingy was our highlight: I was just nerd-spamming my fist hits and you were sweating’n’dying to heal us both. You did a great job 😀

  2. “I love the community attitude that SE fosters in their games. I appreciate how they set things up to promote camaraderie and respect among the players. Not trying to put anything down, but I’ve never got that same enjoyment or feel when playing games (like WoW/Rappelz) where bright colored cartoony avatars constantly jump up and down around town (pet peeve) and inundate you with challenges to PVP.”

    Someone’s just jealous that other games actually *allow* us to jump >.>

    I kid, I kid!

    I like how the game is super hard (saw a video of ten people getting one-shot by a ladybug, and heard about that epic 17 hour raid that went nowhere), and I liked where they took their first online game, but I’ll have to wait it out and see if they do the same here. I liked the idea of leveling up as one class then sprouting off into another related field, and while this ‘choose your class based on gear’ idea is new and exciting, for some reason it just don’t ‘draw me in’ as their first leveling style.

    It kinda makes me sad though, as I’d say between the two games, APB had minor issues as well, but they had to close two months in because the company didn’t know how to invest properly. Saying this FF was over-hyped is probably understating how Sony handled this (also not trying to put anyone down, but based on interviews the developers kinda came across like we would just love their game no questions asked and seemed surprised when people starting pointing out it’s flaws), yet this game lives on because of the massive cache of money Sony has, while APB is no more. (Not that APB was the best game in the world, just fresh out of the gates they had a lot more things polished, and I miss the character creation aspects.)

    WoW, at least the impending expansion, is definitely emphasising PvP yet the developers are constantly saying otherwise which is just garbage. When two out of three new skills per class are all focused on PvP and you just happen to mention all the old PvP ranks will be available and new rated battlegrounds will open up, they are obviously pushing PvP. *Hopefully* they know what they are doing, as I am hearing a lot of the same old routine that ‘they have learned’ and they know ‘not to do ____ again’ but…we’ll see.

    It seems like you two like the little cutey race, do you have any of those big brute dudes? Or did they get rid of them since the last online FF?

    • Guess you’re talking about Galkas from Final Fantasy XI?! Yeah they have them in XIV aswell. They are called Roegadyn, but they look the same.

      I had a Taru (midget one.. :p) in FFXI too, so I decided to pick Lalafel in FFXIV! Love the short legs and their chubbiness XD

    • I actually hadn’t heard of APB before and had to go look it up after seeing your comment. Thats too bad it got scrapped so quickly.. 😦

      FFXI was my first MMO, so that could honestly play a bit into my fondness as well, as that style is what I’m most used to. That and I really like the idea of playing with people all over the world rather than just in my region. I love that I’ve made friends over seas and have had the chance to get to know people I wouldn’t have normally had the opportunity to. I really enjoyed FFXI, I played a taru whitemage, and my husband played a Galka Paladin aka “Big Brute dude” .. lol 🙂 Because I liked and played FFXI, I think that is why the armory system was exciting. So many times I had wished I could quickly change job to take care of something (like an unexpected raise), instead of making the trek back to a Mog House or a nomad moogle which were until more recently pretty limited.

      Like Baifun, I also chose a Lalafell because it was most like my original Taru 🙂 The only real difference between the Galka and the Rogaedyn’s now (aside from more customization options) is that the latter doesn’t have a tail, but its really the same premise.

      I think that with FFXIV, the hype was because they were initially advertising their vision that they were really excited about (which is great), but in reality the details had not been fully worked out or implemented yet and the knowledge of what they had planned to go with it wasn’t initially shared. That lack of communication, and their decision to go ahead and release third quarter instead of later, did hurt them I think, as people were also excited about the vision, and really expected it at that point.

      I do have respect for them owning up and publicly acknowledging their missteps. Evidenced through the huge amount of information they have now released, and are continuing to release in intervals, they’ve realized that communication is the only way they are going to undo some of the frustration. I have a few friends that are leery about trying FFXIV. For them I tend to suggest that they wait and try it when PS3 version is released. By then it will be closer to what their perception of it would be. I have no doubt SE will work through and make things better, I really believe they are wanting their players to enjoy the experience.

      ack! I’m sorry, this is like a whole other post in length!

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