4 comments on “FFXIV: Under New Management

  1. This sudden habit of putting a game out with game-altering fixes in route is not the best trend in gaming. I think the last…probably six big game releases have had something similar. “We know it’s not up to par, we’re almost done with it! …Just pay for a few months of game time, we’ll let you know when it’s done…” is how it translates to me. If you know it’s broke…why release? To please the fans with a half-hearted attempt? I just don’t get it. How many of ‘the classics’ released and that was it. Pac-Man never got updated once it left the factory. Or Mortal Kombat. Or anything else. It released and…and I cannot even say “the company should hope it’s finished” because there was never any question. It WAS finished or it would not have been released in the first place. And to top it off, teams back then were probably five or less. Now there is over ten times that at even small places (barring Minecraft, which is quite the exception).

    It is disappointing, and while I am not out there championing FF’s demise, I do not disagree with people who did not like what they saw when they first logged in. A lot of games to be played with not enough time. If all they have to judge a game by is the first thirty minutes or less…it better be solid.

    Replacing the guys at top is a bit ‘big,’ isn’t it? Wonder what was going on behind closed doors there. While it may very well be unfortunate for those guys, I hope you get a great game based on it’s outcome of a new direction! A lot of people that disliked the game complained at how slow paced it was, while the people enjoying it did not mind, or even defended it as an artistic choice. This could very well be why you are so enamored with the game: It does not push you to do things constantly (like some say WoW and it’s clones do) and when you play you can take your own pace to do whatever you want. I am actually using that perspective in WoW at the moment. I like the idea of new content and do not wish to blow through it right out of the gates. People hit level cap within a day so I know I could do that if I really was aiming to, but I’d rather just relax and play as I feel. Busy holiday schedules are not helping matters either, of course 😛

    • I think you may have a point there, I like the freedom of being able to change class and try something else on a whim, and still be able to concentrate on the same character. It doesn’t stress me out as much to play this one as much as FFXI even did. With XI, I started out later, so all my friends were higher and at that time we didn’t have the level-syncing and Field of Valor, so I was constantly playing catch up. It was long grueling measures to even attempt to solo at the time, and very slow S L O W progress if you weren’t on all the time, which I couldn’t be. Really loved my time there, but it was kind of stressful as I was never was really able to keep up as was evidenced by it taking 4+ years to reach cap, which was then raised like two days later.. lol. When I played WoW, the nice part was that I could solo to my hearts content, but didn’t feel like I had very much room to make my character unique from every other shaman out there. I mean I know there was the whole tree specialization, but I remember being so frustrated at being kind of forced to specialize so deeply in one certain area in order to be effective. It seemed that if you tried to be well rounded, you ended up gimped by other’s (and honestly even my own standards). I was restricted by races and if I wanted to try a different job, I had to create a whole new character, and yet again I was so far behind my sister (who gave us the game) that it wasn’t even a real option to play with their guild, so that probably didn’t help. Not to say I didn’t have fun during my time playing WoW, because I did, but it still didn’t fit my weird goals and odd play style.. lol 🙂 I appreciate that people have different goals and different views and play styles, and that is why there should be all different styles of MMO’s out there.

      Are you playing Cataclysm? (sp?) Are you enjoying it? What cool features has it added?

      I also agree that releases seem to have become lax on more than just this title. I’m not sure when exactly it became ok, and I get that MMO’s take time to get going and that they’re never really “done” and all that jazz, but had they been a bit more willing from the onset to admit where they were in the actual process, and not give in to the pressure of just “getting it out” it would have gone over better, and I can’t help but wonder if it was partly that decision which lead to this change in leadership now. Luckily so far I’ve not had to pay a single monthly subscription, so least they aren’t milking that cow.

      Minecraft however is drama free in my lone world. I did make a rollercoaster the other day (very simple one) but it was cool figuring out how to get it to work.. 🙂

      • Talent trees in WoW have changed quite a bit. They started out as smaller, possibly when you played last, then they got bigger with an expansion pack, allowing you to mix a bit more with other trees while still maxing out your main choice, and further still in the second most recent x-pack, so you could spend a good amount of points where you saw fit. Right now they reverted back to old school and 31 point trees, but gutted most of the fat out and just gave it all to the player. (This sounded bad when I first read it, but actually it is quite an excellent change.)

        To summarize this change briefly and get back on topic (lol) most were concerned with loss of points, as at 80 we had some 51 to spend, but now at 85 we’ll only be able to spend 41, ten less with even MORE levels attainable. But really, what options were there? If I wanted to beat things with a big stick as a Warrior I’d probably pick up Arms spec and get Mortal Strike, the iconic ability for that spec. How could I not? So many talents in that tree buffed it, it was mandatory. My extra points would also have to be spent on specific skills to further increase my damage in the same way, for example I’d probably not get a tanking talent. So, Blizz pointed out that obviousness: If you have to spend those points in a set list of talents, how do you have freedom of choice in the first place that you are complaining about being taken away?

        That is where you noticed you could not spread them around evenly. It makes sense why, though. If you could do everything well it would be boring to you and overpowered to everyone else. This is why you specialize, or spec, into one consolidated stance or path, career etc. Most of the abilities cross over to other areas, but not all are needed. A DPS warrior would not need to taunt often, for example. Nor would he likely use a shield, so those abilities will be far away or off his bars entirely. A class that has the ability to heal can still do so in case of an emergency, but do not complain if their weak heals cannot keep a tank up for long, etc. The cool thing is you never give up abilities anywhere, you just choose to augment specifics.

        I’z got Cata. Made a post about snagging a copy in person the other day hee hee As for enjoying it, mixed results. Mainly got it to level up a Goblin warrior and undead hunter (new to WoW via Cata) and so far have mostly enjoyed the hunter and really dig the gobby. All 4 levels of the green one have been great thus far. I did have plans for the wolf people (Worgen) but that…is where the mixed starts to creep in.

        Cool features, besides the revamped talent system mentioned above, are new level cap, brand new and actually decent zones (really loving the underwater zone, the level creators did a stand out job on that place), nearly everything in the old world is revamped, from the ground up. Really. They changed a great deal of landscape, including major cities, as well as quests and graphics. Now it’s all “shiny” as they’d say in Firefly. Another push they were forcing on us was the emphasis on “phasing tech” which has been in the game for awhile. Every time you die the world looks different and the mobs go away? That’s a different phase. Only now they are *everywhere.* Do a quest to blow something up, turn it in, and poof. Place is burning. Etc. etc. Which leads to, in my opinion, why I disliked some zones…

        The worgen starting quests are to be blunt, bad. I know they said experienced players were in mind for these new toons, but it did not come through. Instead of technical and rewarding, it was disjointed and frustrating. Pick up a quest to talk to one dude. He’s dead. Accept the quest off his body. Werewolves are attacking everything! Ooo! Turn in quest. Run away. Turn in quest. Run away. Turn in quest that looks like it’s right here, only it’s underground and they never said where or how to access it. Spent a solid minute and a half trying to figure out where the game wanted me to go, because there was zero hints that: You had to turn around half a block and click on the cellar shutter doors that are just barely flickering. And the quest right after that is “go talk to dude” with yet again no hints as to where he is. Just go talk to him. Why? Why can’t I defend this spot here? Ok, then where in the heck is he? No really, where IS he? I had to open my map to see he was a good twenty+ seconds away. The whole experience was drab, annoying, and slow until the very end where it just ever-so-barely perked up. It’s like they had a random brain fart of an idea but never thought about how it would actually play when they added it.

        Goblin great so far. Undead good and fun at first, storyline made no sense in their second zone, but it’s awesome again in their third. Worgen are meh at best. Seems to me that they emphasised phasing tech and little else for them. I do not care about the landscape, just let me has fun >.<

        And I took a lot of shots of Minecraft…but methinks I took too many lol Gonna have to go weed out quite a few before I post what I've been doing online with that project I put a sneek peek up of.

  2. You can build/upgrade a PC to be able to play the game for the same amount of money that a PS3 will set you back, roughly. There’s also the historic precedent that FFXI set with the PC version being much better in general. I just don’t see why somebody would wait for the PS3 release if they’re planning on playing FFXIV unless they absolutely can’t afford to play it otherwise.

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