One comment on “Merry Christmas & Rank ups!

  1. The screenshot up top is cute lol I completely agree with you on The Little Things that make the game more fun to play. In WoW I decided to retry a worgen (found out if you completely ignore all the quest text and just kill/loot/return the quest requires the starting zone isn’t too bad. So drop 100% of the lore and mindlessly kill and it’s decent. Sigh.). I went with druid because it’s the only class I really haven’t done, and I gave healing a go even though I’m specced for damage. And the tank was a dps warrior. Add in mobs that really are difficult and require a group effort, and you got one heck of a party! The tank dropped to 20% health after the first hit most of the time, and my direct heals ate up my mini mana bar quite fast. The boss of the place actually required the whole team to complete haha

    BUT! To my actual point. I was doing a low level instance, deadmines, and while clearing it, right near the end there is this big wooden boat. Well all the way up it, it should just be ramps and cannons and stuff, but every once in awhile they stuck a fully decorated Christmas tree. I thought it was kinda of funny, like the humans on the boat are actually celebrating it as well. Makes me wonder what other instances they added stuff like this to, or if this is the only one. The Little Things can really prop the game’s replay value if done right. I’m sorry you could not complete the higher level holiday stuffs on your game of choice, but I’m glad you had fun with what ya got.

    Speaking of the Little Things…load up Minecraft and press F5 to see a third-person view of yourself. I don’t wanna say anymore than that 😀

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