5 comments on “Onion Doublet.. woot! / and Youtube Series found!

  1. Your toon looks kinda cute with those glasses ^_^ I saw you posted a call to arms for people to post their thoughts and suggestions to Sony about the future path of the game, how is the game itself going since those dudes at the top left? Good releases since, etc? I haven’t exactly looked for information, but at the same time I haven’t really heard anything from FF other than it is still pretty much free to pay monthly, and not DC Universe has released for the PS3 before FF has, which is kinda goofy. Grats on the Double Onion πŸ˜› (Those would be awesome shoulder armor, by the way. Increased chance to Frighten enemies with their terrible odor, though Charisma would drop and thus increase the cost of items from vendors.)

  2. Onion shouldamapads.. hmm ^^ may be good against undead.. I think you are on to something there… lol!

    I am liking my little spectacles.. they are now part of my crafting gear, and I wear them most of the time. They’ve really grown on me, so I will probably keep them, and upgrade to better ones as I go along. I think they are pretty cute on her.

    The last update they did in December was pretty full of adjustments that I thought were really good. I am enjoying them very much! That however was still all just things that had been announced under the old management, so its too soon to have any kind of opinion. Although I will say, I read an interview with the new director, and I think the guy has it together. He is definitely interested in really looking at what the player base wants. This is good, as long as they know when to not give in. Odd as it sounds, I don’t want them to make things too easy that its not fun anymore. In the words of Doctor Mog, I don’t want it to become “Hello Kitty Online”. I’d just like to see them improve the base they have, and make it more efficient to play. Maybe explain some things so people understand better what they are supposed to do, and what actually affects what. Give them the info so that they can create the character they want in the best way possible and enjoy themselves. I think communication has been one of the biggest issues, even though I have to give them that they have made definite and grand strides ahead of anything they ever did for FFXI when it came to communication with the players.. at least until recently.

    They haven’t officially announced the date, but we are supposed to get another nice update early 2011, so I’m looking forward to that.

    I’m having a great time with FFXIV. Yes there are a few gripes, but nothing that is so unbearable that I throw up my hands and give up.. lol. Every game has list items of things “that could be better”. Honestly in the state its in I would probably pay for it how it is now, but don’t say that too loud.. hehe, I’m enjoying the free status as long as they are willing and able to provide it.

    • Glad the game is still fun, and even more so free! Always makes the game more fun that way, and takes a lot of the pressure off too. In WoW I feel like I NEED to play because of the monthly fee, to get the most cash outta the sub that I can. (Did the same when I used to go to cyber cafes and play counter-strike all day.) In a way that easy-going atmosphere fits FF, but in the same breath I do agree that I hope they don’t cave and make the game easy peasy. The main reason I was interested in the first FF online was the massive battles and epic difficulty. An easy FF online just does not compute.

  3. On a side note, was updates to minecraft yesterday.. ^^ Grey & Black Sheep added, Birch trees, anti-gravity sandstone now craftable, squids in the water, blue lapis lapulzi (sp?) ore(?) and now you can even make a cake.. hehe. I had to travel pretty far from my existiong area to see a birch tree, but I figure if I get sapplings and bring them back, that they should grow then.

    • I’m kinda weirded out by the birch trees. I assumed that’s what there were before I scanned his dev blog, but they look like something out of Pompeii. I also stumbled into really tall stick trees with a small amount of leaves at the very top, Minecraft Palm Trees?

      The real bummer for me this update was the incredible laaaag it added. “But only to new areas” the forums say. Oh! So as long as I don’t leave my already existing section to see the new stuff he added, the new stuff he added won’t lag me! Very nice >.< Oh, and I ended up finding this big section of smooth stone jutting out of the ground on a new (and laggy) save, I took a shot of it that I need to add to zee blog but I'm thinking about making a Minecraft Monday sort of thing, to keep at least a form of a schedule for updating for once hee hee Oh, and now spiders can climb. Over 5 blocks. So you may wanna add a lip to any 'guard walls' you have that you want to keep the creepy crawlies out of.

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