3 comments on “Reunion & other happenings

  1. “Overall, still enjoying the game. I” Oh dear, did you get cut off at the end? lol

    I has a question for joo! Have you been keeping tabs on Rift? I’ve been mostly “off” (based on the “on and off” scale) but one thing that I just thought of is that you can, based on what I heard, pretty crazily spec your toon out in Rift to be quite a wide variety of things. This reminded me of FF’s take on that, but I believe in your game all you gotta so is swap gear for it to go into effect, while in Rift I think it’s more WoW-based in ‘changed spec, now you need the proper gear…’ but that might only affect tanking with say a shield vs dpsing with a 2h glaive or something. I signed up for the beta, no idea how that’s gonna pan out šŸ˜„

    And that hunter of yours is kawaii. Just showed the screen shot to the Misses and got an “aww” out of her hee hee Gonna get a monacle on that hunter like your main?

    • Update: Played the RIFT beta. It was uninstalled before the event ended two days later. The options for souls seems fun, but the game based around it was not >.> I’m hoping I got TERA confused with RIFT or I am extremely underwhelmed.

  2. Thanks for the warning.. lol šŸ™‚ I hadn’t gotten a chance to look it up yet, but I was planning on it… right before I got distracted by Minecraft.. lol.
    Hope all is well!

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