3 comments on “Minecraft Multiplayer

  1. Hmm. You could always record the game and it’s audio in a silent walk through town, then record yourself talking in, say, audiacity, and then merge the two audio tracks. Lower the output of MC, increase your audio recording, should be good for the most part.

    Nice looking town you got thar’! How much of it was present when you first arrived?

    • None of it was present when we first arrived πŸ™‚ We were the founders of Waterhaven πŸ™‚ Audiacity is recording software then? I will definitely look into that. Thanks for the tip ^^

      • Wow, very nice! You guys built a heck of a lot and rather fast, great job ^_^ And who’s idea was it for the Public Restrooms building? Isn’t that what that giant lake is for? πŸ˜›

        Yup, just google “Audacity” and get the most recent, preferably non-beta version. (As we gamers know, Betas generally got more bugs than the older more polished versions. There is a line about Windows 7 on the beta, so you may end up getting that version after all if you got a newer PC.) It’s a really simple program to use, too. Like, say you got the walk though of your massive town there, just hit play and watch it and alt tab and press the record button in Audi. It won’t be as good a live commentary in some ways, but the ability to edit out stutters, random phone calls, etc, will make up for it. Be sure to post a link of your video after you get it all set up! I’d like to get one done of the server me and the Misses are on, but our recording software/processors aren’t that good. Luckily we can still take screen shots hee hee

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