One comment on “Waterhaven pics

  1. Oh, yay! You ended up making that church after all!

    You and Rage’s stuff looks *really* nice, Kate! I had to stare at the picture for a few seconds to varify it was the default texture pack and and not a new purty one. Really great stuff!

    Me and the Misses are working on the New Rapture idea still, but the server admin’s looking like he’s either letting the server die off this month, or resetting it and THEN letting it die this month. And I peeved him off in Red Dead Redeption online. >.> But! We dug a great deal down and I think we’re going to settle for one under water ‘sky scraper’ of four floors, then just dig down to get the fifth that I wanted. No idea how to decorate it, just want to get the rig set up before server goes kablooey after we dug such a wide area down and about in the middle of a lake/ocean.

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