3 comments on “Order of the Twin Adder

  1. Yay, she lives! Saw your ‘I’m baaaack’ post and glad to see your return. Sorry about the MC issues and the server stuff. Crap like that happens all the time when you aren’t running the stuff. Ever think about starting your own? Heard they are pretty cheap, like 15 bucks for half a year or more sorta cheap. Then you can build whatever, where-ever, whenever ^_^ But yeah, 1.9 is taking far, far too long. Was expecting that patch this week, but now it has officially been pushed back to the next 18th >.< Oh well. Just finish the stuff already. And combat upgrades/skills better be in there!

    I heard this FF is going pay to play, finally. Is this true? Lotta conflicting stuff online, one person even said like, the game that exists now they'll charge for but in a year or two come out with a totally different game, or something? I'm not the resident expert in this field so I figured you'd be the one to ask 😀 Also, great pictures! The one at the bottom looks very polished and professional.

    • First off, I apologize.. I had actually replied to you on this comment a few days ago, but a mishap occurred (user error ^^) and I didn’t have time to retype it all again.. 😦

      We have thought about doing our own server, was actually the intention before we found this one, but I’m not sure I’m savy enough technically, though it might be a fun learn in progress type thing. 🙂

      FFXIV is going pay to play sometime around December. Whats happening is that right now they are continuing to update the current game and are making it better and better, but they have announced that they will be upgrading to a better game engine and brand new servers with capabilities like allowing participation in certain content that you can’t find help for in a worldless instance cross-servers. This will help with as things go along, you won’t be limited to just begging people on your server to help you with things they’ve already done. (Something I suffered from ALOT in FFXI, as the interest wasn’t always there to help newer players with content) I’m actually excited about this option. It will be awesome to participate in content that the main people I know have no interest in. I love content and storylines, and I missed a whole lot in FFXI.

      Much of the content they are releasing right now will not be available once 2.0 comes out. We are basically “living” the back story for what will be the new release in 2.0 (next year). Our characters and all progress we’ve accomplished will be ported over to the new game engine and new servers (and totally new client and UI) in 2.0.

      I’ve been working on my Archer a lot more, will hopefully be level 25 by my next post. 🙂

      Here is the information they’ve released about 2.0 and the time leading up to it. the 4 PDF’s at the bottom are pretty informative. http://lodestone.finalfantasyxiv.com/pl/teaser/index.html

      Take care!
      ~ Katella

      • “Our characters and all progress we’ve accomplished will be ported over to the new game engine and new servers (and totally new client and UI) in 2.0. ”

        Ah, that is a relief! I was gonna say it sounded kinda screwy to do a complete wipe, but keeping the toons around makes a lot of sense. I checked out the pdf and also like they admitted that a remake/remap of the repetitive stuff was in order. Interesting still is it seems that they are also ramping up the graphics quite a bit, while still adding sliders and all that to keep a big pool of potential players around. And oh dang, it will take another full year to get 2.0 out? No wonder they are starting to charge now haha Need to fund what appears to be a massive overhaul. Best of luck to all involved and hope the second release fairs better than the first ^_^

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