4 comments on “Distant World LS

  1. Great blog you have. And I enjoyed your story so far (it feels kind of familiar…).

    BTW the linkshell is called Distant World. Kind of confusing because with the extra ‘s’ it also exists on Masamune.

    • Thanks for the catch! I went back and fixed it in the post. 🙂

      Familiar, yes, hopefully its not too much, I wanted the story to pull in parts of the main storyline and really start out from when I started my character and then go from there.

  2. I’ve been following Sambo for awhile and although I played FFXIV as soon as it came out, I got very disappointed with it at the start.. but from seeing Sambo’s videos of FFXIV I saw it had changed alot and OMG.. it is simply awesome now :3 Is Sambo’s LS accepting new members by any chance?

    • Yes, Distant World LS is accepting members. Go to their website http://distantworld.enjin.com and register! Then in game look for one of the following:
      Pico Man, Blindrage Skywalker, Okazaki Masamune, Mini Ninja, Katella Avenlea, or Merikosum Neaman.

      Hopefully catch you in game soon! 🙂

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