17 comments on “Eye on Eorzea: Building our Community

  1. Hey Kat,

    Firstly, congratulations on your 400th blog post, well done, a huge commitment and effort.

    Thank you for such a well articulated written post and introductory piece 🙂

    Anyway, im really looking forward to your next piece and consider yourself subscribed 🙂

    Thank you and take care 🙂

  2. The internet = anonymity, and thus we can never be sure who has a “life” afk and those who dont. Great points about gamers and the fact that we are indeed people behind those characters. Unfortunately, this speaks to the classic problem behind the internent in general: If you aren’t accountable for your bad behavior, what’s to stop you from acting out every anti-social behavior in the book?

    • I think realistically it can be argued that everyone obviously has a “life” when they are afk, there is no arguing that point. While what an individual decides to focus on may or may not be my cup of tea, that fact doesn’t inherently give me any right to judge that they are any less of a person because of it. Its simply not my place, nor is it anyone else’s, and definitely should never be used as an excuse to berate someone or treat them poorly. Thus it becomes a null point to worry about. The fact remains that there is a real person involved somewhere.

      Judging those we don’t know tends to always be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Whenever you want to encourage better behavior around you, its important to fist start with yourself and identify places where your own perceptions may be flawed or skewed. Figure out why there is a need to judge in the first place.

      The interesting thing is whenever a community is formed, there is a “power of the people” if you will that shows itself. The community collectively decides what is acceptable and what is not. The more involved you are, the more inadvertently accountable you become. Sure you can go create a new persona, but if you have a community that encourages positives, and you always display negatives, you will find yourself less welcomed no matter how many names you go by.

      As a community we can greatly discourage “bad behavior” by not feeding into it, and by not lowering ourselves to the same level. If you don’t buy in to nonsense, it becomes less appealing to the offenders because they aren’t getting the desired effect. Can we force someone on the internet to fall in line.. no, probably not, but can we encourage people to be respectful, Yes…I very much believe we can by showing it in our own actions first.

      • “Figure out why there is a need to judge in the first place.”

        I judge this blog to be well written and insightful, thus I read it and commented and shared it with hundreds of people. If I judged it to be poorly written and dull, I would have clicked away never to return. I judge people too and I know I’m not the only one who does this.

        I don’t know you personally or what you do for a living, but I can reasonably deduce that you aren’t currently serving time as a felon in a federal prison. By your relative mastery of the English language and reasoning skills, I can reasonably deduce you aren’t a Chinese Gold Farmer. I can read “With the heart of a healer” and reasonably deduce that you are a pretty helpful player who wouldn’t call a guild member names and ban them from your group for being late to a group event because their child needed extra time being put to bed. I suppose I could be wrong on all accounts, but I don’t find that it’s judgment itself that’s wrong, but a hasty judgment. Judgment is what helps me know the difference between friends and frenemies, good blogs and crap blogs, healthy guilds and toxic guilds. Bot claiming guilds from FFXI may have been stocked full of winning personalities and nobel prize winners — you sure wouldn’t know it from their in-game behavior if you know what I mean.

      • I also felt compelled to say that I think we agree whole heartedly about everything you are saying. I just don’t always state myself clearly.

    • Danforth, I’m going to offer an apology at this point, because from the sounds of it I think I must have just misinterpreted the first line of your comment where you said:

      “and thus we can never be sure who has a “life” afk and those who dont”

      – I think I misunderstood it to imply that that we were somehow in a position to make that assumption. So many times I hear people use the “they don’t have a life” description as ammunition to degrade someone else.

      Obviously everyone “has a life”, the level of virility may be debatable, but they all have one, so when someone says that someone else “doesn’t have a life” its generally to point out inferiority, or lessen that person’s value to be something below what a normal person is…..because if everyone has a life, and you don’t, then then you aren’t up to par with the rest of the human race… which was kind of the opposite sentiment of what I was going for as I was trying to convey that regardless of how we view a person, they still deserved to be treated as a person and not as just another object in the game.

      With your further explanation, its more clear to me now that the point you were making was more that the internet being what it is, you just never truly know for sure who you are dealing with, which is absolutely correct.

      You are also correct about hasty judgement being where most of the issue lies. We all have opinions, and we all use them to discern things and guide our reactions, and how to proceed and that is a necessary trait.

      Honestly I could have been more far more clear myself, because in my mind, whenever I talk about “judging” people, its generally in terms of those same quick, not-always-so-well-informed, rash and generally non-open minded snap decisions we make.

      I hope you accept my apology for the confusion. ^^

  3. Honestly speaking here is my $.02. First off i’m a 28 year old gamer, my mom friend/roomate got me into Zelda when i was 6, been hooked since. And from the .hack anime/game i found an interest in mmo. I started playing ffxi in 2004, i was lucky having seen .hack as it gave basic insight to mmo. Such as players are real people and should treat them as such. And what you do does effect the community. All of which is true.

    I never was a final fantasy fan. All i knew was they had good music, epic worlds, and grand stories that are not black and white. And ffxi was on the ps2. The community was awesome a mix of everquest players and fresh players like me. I generally had good experiences. Untill 2009, this was when the community shifted tward elitism.

    I’ll not get into my guess of the shift, but i feel that players became jaded. And from this jadedness stop making ffxi feel newbie friendly. I also played ffxiv, but my experience was not as great. There was alot of that same jaded nature in the community.

  4. Specifically from the crafting community, whose reason for 100K price on a basic level 10 fist weapon was ” It took me x amount of time to get 50 in x craft i deserve my just reward” They even demanded money even if you gave them ALL the materials stating they taking their time to do it, stating false real life senario such as a 5 star chef being paid for his work.

    I did have fun in ffxiv and I did meet great players. What I think we need to do, is keep the community positive. Always help newbies, but not through force. Being open minded on play styles, as long as a person is doing their role and the mobs die thats all it should matter.

    Also be open minded on other players life and lifestyle, don’t make rediculous requirements to join stuff like free company. Such as no voice chat no entry. A big assumption now a days is EVERYONE has a laptop and smart phone. This is not the case, also not all players are without handicaps. I met several ppl who are deaf or mute who play dcuo and other mmo.

  5. Sorry for multi posting, typing on my ps3.

    Anyway all that brings me to this, ” what make a good community member?” easy. A person who plays mmo knowing they are a small part of something greater. A person willing to help and guide others, but not through force or hand holding. A person who doesn’t hold grudges who will help even their worst enemy.

    In the end all it comes down is understanding mmo are games, players are real ppl. And its best to play with this mind set of being the bigger person in any situation. People can change for good or bad. But being an example of good will always leave a strong mark.

    To this day I remember 1 player, I met him after playing ffxi for 3 days. His name was rykon a level 25 galka monk. His small act of showing me around windurst and giddeus still something I remember 9 years later. And i only knew him for a week. He had no reason to help me, he got no reward, and I never really thanked him.

    We has players need to cut down the ghastly elitist mindsets.

  6. And to stop being jaded, like saying a person is gimp for xyz reason then force ur help on them. I had this done to me often in ffxi due to not gear swaping and being a melee red mage. Also, we has player need to understand mmorpg are group base games that teamwork is key. Too many mmorpg communities do what is called ” soloing in a group” think of it like u get 6 ppl and they all have a dps measuring contest and fight to see who puts out larger numbers. This mindset goes against group synergy and the real victems are the tanks and healers trying to keep up.

    Also, we as community members need to work together against the darker side of the internet. Such as cyber bullying, pedophiles and other ill. If u see such things report it. I found that gm do more if multiple reports are made on a person.

    Also for parents, DO NOT leave ur child online alone. I had an incident in ffxi, in which a 7 year old was involved in an X rated topic. People online are not babysitters for ur kids, we can only do so much.

  7. Iast post.

    All in all, to build a good community we need to simply be laid back, and not give and possible oust elitist behavior. We can’t get lazy as MOST of the ps3 players have no positive mmo experience. DCUO and free realms community are epic failures, they from my experience have no clue what mmo are and treat it like call of duty.

    FFXIV is gonna be the first real mmorpg on the ps3.

    I hope what i stated made some sence. If not I’m sorry

    Simply put is this: Just relax, have fun and remember ur playing this game as a tiny part of a bigger community , Everything u do or don’t do does effect everyone is a small or big way. So try to keep it positive so we all have fun.

  8. To not the ” i got a life, you don’t” are from wanna be gamers who play only mainstream games due to it being the “in” thing. And most of those came from Wow. ( which a wow gamer/ youtuber makes jokes of ). Which is a rediculous statement. First off, what does “have a life” really mean? Does a person really need to go out? Do they really need to date? Does a person really need to be married with kids?

    Personally, I have a life. I’m happy just playing mmo and meeting people from all over and seeing places that humans create. Which is a heavy inspiration to my poetry. All my town has is run down places and bars. And everything is expensive.

    Plus mmo opened me up socially, which I had issues with due to my early childhood and growing up taking ritlan for my ADD. So just because most my free time is spent gaming, does that really mean I don’t have a life?

    • Ravenia, Nice to meet you! Here’s hoping that your FFXIV experience come 2.0 is better than your previous experiences. I’m hoping that as a community we can collectively make that happen all around. ^^

      • With being on goggle+ it has been so far, And hope to joing a LS/ fc that has the same ideals I do. ^_^.

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