10 comments on “Building our Community with Kindness

  1. Brilliant!! Loved it and is exactly what I hope from our gaming community in FFXIV and from our LS/FC as a whole. One of our leaders read it, felt the same way and decided to post your link for everyone to see. 🙂

    Great Work!

  2. This was a wonderful read. Shared in a few places 🙂

    One of the things my guild did in 1.0 (and we plan to continue doing so at relaunch) was a monthly public service day. For one day/night each month, we would split up to all three cities and look for people shouting for help doing AF quests, missions, etc. Anything that wasn’t a for-profit dungeon run basically, and then we would go help out.

    Earlier on in 1.0 we would hit up aetherytes with known aggro problem monsters (gnats, ants, etc) and go on patrol to keep the area safe for lower level players just trying to finish their leves.

    We met a lot of great people this way and had so much fun! I can’t wait to get back to Eorzea and make new friends/reunite with old ones as we all work together to make our realm a better place.

    • Glad you liked the post! 🙂 I really love your public service day idea, that is really very cool! That definitely shows the spirit of community! ^^

  3. One of the things I preach is for players to stop measuring the risk of helping people who don’t reciprocate or seem to “leech” off of players. We apply afk standards to the time we spend in the game. If somebody takes and doesn’t give back — we feel as though we wasted out time helping them. So we start to think about helping and stop to wonder “will this person appreciate my help?” or “does this person deserve my help?”

    This is wrong.

    At least in the game environment I encourage all of my friends to give without thinking of the consequences. If we have the right attitude, we will give without the expectation that it will lead to some mutual benefit in the future. Sure, some people seem to never return the favor. I, for one, would rather give to 99 ungrateful leeches, than miss that 1 person who knows how to appreciate a friend. It’s worth the risk and kindness is never wasted, only misunderstood. It is an opportunity for each person to become better than who they were.

    • “If we have the right attitude, we will give without the expectation that it will lead to some mutual benefit in the future” – Danforth Wright

      I couldn’t agree more! Whenever the deciding factor for if you choose to be “helpful”, is weighted by what you personally might get out of it, then that isn’t really sincere “kindness” at work now is it?

  4. At the risk of getting flamed or hated on, I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents here ^^; While I completely agree with your post and I’ve helped many players and never with the expectation of receiving help back, I just want to bring up an aspect that sort of ties into your other “building a community” posts about balance and life.

    Just as in real life, it’s important to be able to “recharge our batteries” whether it’s helping others out or even just playing the game in general. Helping 24/7 can be really stressful and tiring. There needs to be downtime to say “okay, let me take care of myself first and then help others” because otherwise you start to become resentful about helping which is not beneficial for yourself or others. I’ve experienced this both in game and in real life and I find that remembering to plug in some “me” time to do whatever it is you want to do in the game (soloing or crafting or whatever it is you decide to do) along with helping friends works the best for me ^^ Not everyone is wired like I am though so what works for me may not work for others.

    Also I just want to say that I really believe that karma and reputation have a way of coming back to haunt you in MMO’s. I’m not saying this in a negative way like it should be a motivator to make people help others out. I feel like I have been really blessed to have gotten to know so many people and it always amazes me how what I do has positively impacted others to pay it forward or if they wind up helping me way down in the future, long after I’ve forgotten that I helped them in the past. I feel like that “what goes around comes around” is so true and I hope that people only spread more positive energy in helping others ^^v

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