4 comments on “Building our Community with Balance

  1. Speaking for myself, I had a pretty dark childhood where my imagination was basically completely shut off. Forced to live a really terrible reality made things like games, books, or even just playing “make believe” completely irrelevant.

    Today, I treat myself pretty good lol. I go to many places and have many adventures in my mind now. Via games, especially books, and film, I have now gained access to a part of natural life where we can experience the impossible or improbable. That side of me makes me feel younger and happier. When I return to my family and day-to-day reality, I feel refreshed and more creative than before.

    A long time ago, this was not the case. I would spend all my time in the virtual world. When I came back to my reality it would depress and I wanted to escape even more. That was a very unhealthy time in my life. I would say that if you have a strong preference for one over the other, that your missing out on some happiness. I personally value both equally today. I treasure my time in both worlds.

  2. I often times feel guilty that I don’t play the game enough. I see people play almost every day, and I’m often keeping to a strict schedule when I have work and classes to worry about. Then a break rolls around and I do nothing BUT play, and I feel incredibly burnt out in that short duration of time.

    In a way, I admire those who can stand being in the game for incredibly long periods of time because I need balance. Too much of any one thing is just overwhelming for me. Then again, its gonna suck if I ever get accepted into a Nursing program. >_<;

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