5 comments on “Making the case to stay…

  1. Server selection can be hard. I have friends in Oceania and they are pretty much always up a creek without a paddle… I can see how it would be hard on some guilds and I hope you guys end up working things out.

  2. hmm can’t say i like the whole sever region thing losing a group of people i play with because of it sigh… but can you survive Pink armor 😛

    • Is this my favorite awesome pink armor owning Nael Van Darnus Hard friend Maki? I wish they had done it differently, it sure is getting people awfully worried. I’m voting to stay… I hope I’ll see you in game when we get Masamune back.

      • ^^ It’s me Maki~~ lol i think my ls is staying on Masamune because of where we are located but tbh i kinda like it there so no point changing

  3. Katella! I’m glad I found your blog ^^v I just wanted to put in my 2 cents here to say I know how difficult a decision it must have been – even I am torn over my own decision even though I’ve already made up my mind I keep second guessing myself T-T I made my decision based not on location of the servers but on *people* – my many friends from real life, ffxi, and ffxiv who play the game and are scattered like ants across the different servers and me trying to decide whether to go or stay. Even if they were on a server on Timbuktu, I’d get on that server. At the end of the day, I play to have fun and be with friends, not alone and with an awesome ping.

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